Setup OneDrive in Ubuntu 18.04

Install OneDrive deb package. $ sudo apt install onedrive Sync OneDrive on user directory. $ onedrive Authorize this app visiting: Login to Your OneDrive Account then copy displayed URL of white page. Paste to excution terminal. enable user systemctl (daemonic). After syncing, execute following daemon $ systemctl –user enable onedrive $ systemctl –user start onedrive Reset Account or Change password or Login ID $ systemctl –user stop onedrive If do not need backup $ rm -r .config/onedrive else $ mv .config/onedrive ‘backup directory/’ reexcute ‘onedrive’ after these step.

Ubuntu LTS update

Release upgrade ex. 16.04.x -> 18.04 $ sudo do-release-upgrade   Minor upgrade 16.04.x -> 16.04.3 ex. 16.04.2 -> 16.04.3 DeskTop: $ sudo apt install –install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04   Server: $ sudo apt install –install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04

Ubuntu 18.04 network setting

Fixed IP Address Put under directory ‘/etc/netplan/’. example; 50-cloud-init.yaml network: ethernets: enp2s0: dhcp4: no dhcp6: no addresses: [] gateway4: nameservers: addresses: [] #if use static route routes: – to: via: version: 2 Proxy used edit /etc/environment example; LAN http_proxy=”” https_proxy=”” no_proxy=localhost,,   example; external proxy http_proxy=”http://[user:password@]” https_proxy=”http://[user:password@]” no_proxy=localhost,,

icmp type

◆ ICMPのType 一覧表 Type 内容 意味 種類 0 Echo Reply エコー応答 Query 3 Destination Unreachable 宛先到達不能 Error 4 Source Quench 始点抑制 Error 5 Redirect 最適経路への変更指示 Error 8 Echo Request エコー要求 Query 9 Router Advertisement ルータ通知 Query 10 Router Solicitation ルータ要求 Query 11 Time Exceeded TTL超過によるパケット破棄の報告 Error 12 Parameter Problem パケットパラメータにおけるエラー Error 13 Timestamp タイムスタンプ Query 14 Timestamp Reply タイムスタンプ応答 Query 15 Information Request インフォメーション要求 Query 16 Information Reply インフォメーション応答 Query 17 Address Mask Request アドレスマスク要求 Query 18 Address Mask Reply アドレスマスク応答 Query